Future Clinical Trials Summit 2020

Clinical Trial has been deeply affected by the pandemic brought by the disease COVID-19 paralyzed a huge percentage ongoing clinical development trials across all nations.

Rising are the challenges and struggles met by the companies that include the continuity of their study postponed medical products the development of a vaccine that could break the chains carried by the virus.

During this 24hr virtual summit we will be focusing on the key trends in the Clinical Trials; its post- pandemic changes effects lessons learnt by the companies on how to survive in a pandemic.


We will be exploring the Clinical Trial trends in the following regions:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America

Join us at the 24hr Virtual Summit on The Future Clinical Trials to discuss the key challenges trends in the field Clinical Trials identify new areas for growth where new opportunities lie.

Why attend:

  • World-class content
  • Convenient information sharing
  • 40+ speakers
  • Connect with thought leaders
  • Learn from solution providers
  • 24-hour access to 5 continents


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